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Greensboro | North Carolina

Bio Ritmo

May 08, 2016 at 7pm


Blazing a trail by playing some of the hardest hitting and furthest reaching modern salsa for 23 years now, Bio Ritmo has grown into one of the most intriguing and influential Latin dance bands of the last two decades. They are rebels who do not fit neatly into one musical genre. They have helped pioneer a new generation of musicians that thrive on the spirit of experimentation that once defined the 70’s Latin sound that came to be known as ‘salsa.’ From hipster rock clubs in Brooklyn to ‘salsa bars’ in Cali, Colombia, Bio Ritmo keeps audiences on the dance floor with their nitty-gritty, vintage grooves while turning heads with their experimental synth tones, innovative harmonies and thought provoking lyrics. They convert skeptics who are only familiar with the overly commercialized veneer of Latin music and challenge purists who believe the genre died during the 90’s. They have a fierce, almost punk rock DIY ethos that pervades their attitude and style, releasing their records independently or on indie and hip hop labels like Merge, Fat Beats and Electric Cowbell. Their sound has been shaped by the musical stylings of Stereolab and Brazilian psychedelic, well as Ray Barretto, Roberto Roena and classic Fania records. 


Opening Act

Starting act at 6pm

Africa Unplugged


West African rhythms, instruments and melodies collide with other sounds and styles from across the world. A veteran of the world-music dance scene, Atiba Rorie is often found holding down percussion—he’s an explosive conga and djembe player—but as the leader of Africa Unplugged he’s out front with a guitar and a deeply moving, soothing, powerful singing voice that makes you wonder why he didn’t pick up vocal duties sooner. 



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1500 Dans Rd, 1500 Dans Rd, Greensboro, NC 27401, United States
Jimmie I. Barber Park
1500 Dans Rd, 1500 Dans Rd, Greensboro, NC 27401, United States



Location Info

For all concerts, grounds will open at 5pm, with the opening act starting at 6pm and the headliner starting at 7pm—unless indicated otherwise. All concerts should end by 8:30pm.


Over 250 paved parking places are available within Barber Park. Overflow parking will be made available at the Hayes-Taylor YMCA. Volunteers and signage will be on-site to help you find safe and convenient parking.

Please refrain from parking along streets in the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Park Rules

Alcohol will be on-sale, therefore North Carolina law stipulates that no outside alcohol may be brought into the event. All alcohol purchased at the event must be consumed within the confines of the amphitheater/designated event area.

  • No weapons or firearms
  • No animals or pets
  • No fires or grills
  • No unauthorized vehicles driving or parking on unpaved surfaces

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