Levitt Amp charlottesville

Charlottesville | Virginia

Charlottesville | Virginia


IX Art Park

August 27 - October 28, 2016

*2015 Levitt AMP winner

Following the success of the 2015 Levitt AMP Charlottesville Music Series, IX Art Park, the recently launched public art park in the heart of Charlottesville’s Strategic Investment District near UVA, will once again serve as the colorful backdrop for free Levitt concerts—providing a place for the city’s wide range of communities to come together, celebrate Charlottesville’s thriving music scene and improve the overall quality of life in this underserved area. 

Presented by WTJU-FM, a nonprofit radio station—licensed to the Rector and Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia—that presents original, rich and varied programming.

The countdown to Levitt AMP concerts is underway! Check back soon for artist lineup, schedule and more.