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The Theorizt

The Theorizt

August 24, 2018 at 8:30pm

Pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, The Theorizt seamlessly blends raw, thoughtful storytelling, searing guitar virtuosity and intricate melodies into energetic, interactive live shows that leave concertgoers wanting more. The Tennessee-based band has been called "Knoxville's answer to The Roots" by Metro Pulse, and their genre-bending jams have earned the group a devoted fan base since their 2009 formation, when members J-Bush and Mike Miller first met. The two had been separately producing and recording music in their home studios as a pastime for years, using whatever equipment they had available to them. As their popularity has grown, they’ve kept their recording and production in-house, which has played an integral part in sculpting their distinctive signature sound. Fellow Knoxville hip-hop artist Black Atticus joined the group after collaborating on a few songs on the group’s debut album Samurai Love Songs (2012), and soon The Theorizt was created. Having since grown to eight members, The Theorizt’s electrifying concerts have solidified their place in Knoxville’s thriving music scene.

Named Metro-Pulse’s “Best Hip-Hop Band” in 2011, The Theorizt has received coverage from prominent outlets including local tastemaker TNTunes and online blog Zunimar Music. They’ve received radio time on local radio staple 90.3 The Rock (WUTK) for their singles “Me & My Girlfriend” & "Call Me," and played at a variety of iconic local venues.



Opening Act

RYVOLI at 7pm



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