Levitt AMP


July 28, 2019 at 6pm

Nebraska-via-Iowa project Annalibera crafts wide-eyed, atmospheric indie songs that are equal parts pensive and heartbreakingly beautiful. The group is fronted by Nebraska ex-pat, now Des Moines resident, Anna Gebhardt, who has been performing since 2012, but made her first indelible mark on the music world with 2015's Nevermind I Love You—a dense, soaring eight-song collection of chiming, beautiful indie rock songs. Blending synth-rock, dream pop and the Laurel Canyon-style songwriting of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, Annalibera’s music creates a gorgeous, immersive atmosphere.

Her most recent album, 2018’s Opia strengthens Annalibera’s typically drama-filled and cinematic approach to pop music. Little Village Magazine succinctly described the album’s “exciting and engaging” sound, remarking that Gebhardt’s voice “pierces the fog like the headlights of an oncoming car: unexpected and illuminating.” With her expansive sound, it won’t be long until this up-and-coming pop project’s music finds it way into arenas and festival lawns alike.




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