Levitt AMP


September 01, 2017 at 6pm


The music of HuDost, the 'neo folk world rock' ensemble from Montreal and Kentucky, weaves a seamless tapestry of sound that renders tears and laughter in listeners, cultivating that nameless longing that abides somewhere in all our hearts. Touring since 2006, HuDost has worked on past albums with GRAMMY winners Malcolm Burn and Oz Frit, and has shared the stage with the likes of Ani DiFranco, Joan Osborne, Bell Orchestre and countless others. Their music is a rich blending of pop and rock with traditional Sufi music; Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian and Balkan folk music; and Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, influences all coming together as an eclectic ‘neo folk world rock.’ Their sound crosses all borders and barriers, taking the listener on a journey they will never forget. 



Opening acts

Hudson K


Anything But Sue



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