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Nomadic Massive

Nomadic Massive

September 22, 2019 at 3pm


Montreal-based global hip-hop supergroup Nomadic Massive raps and sings in English, French, Creole, Spanish and Arabic, spreading its musical message of positivity and unity through its engaging, high-energy performances. The band came together in 2004 in order to perform at a hip-hop festival in Havana, Cuba, and has been recording and touring globally ever since, staying true to its “nomadic” moniker. The 10-member group includes six musicians and four vocalists who combine live instrumentation with sampling and a diverse array of vocal styles. Soul, reggae, jazz, blues, Afro-Caribbean, Latin-American and North-African influences are all reflected in the band’s spirited, intense repertoire, which draws from its three full-length albums, including its 2016 release The Big Band Theory. In concert, Nomadic Massive welcomes audiences on a journey into the heart of hip-hop that is nothing short of electrifying.

Nomadic Massive’s success started early with the release of its first EP, Nomad’s Land, in 2004. The band sold more than 4000 copies of the release just on the strength of its live shows before signing a distribution deal. The group has pumped up concert festivals around the world, including the International Montreal Jazz Festival, Rudolstadt TFF Festival in Germany and Grand Performances in Los Angeles. Nomadic Massive has garnered Canadian awards for best hip-hop act and album and has performed with artists including Somali artist K’naan, Wyclef Jean and Guru. And the band has participated in cultural exchanges with artists from Cuba and Brazil and taught educational workshops about hip-hop in classrooms, prisons and community centers around the world.




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