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The Forest That Never Sleeps

The Forest That Never Sleeps

June 26, 2019 at 6:30pm


Kat Moore is a cellist, pianist and vocalist, known primarily for her deft contributions to The Super Saturated Sugar Strings; a classical music-meets-Americana fusion that has taken the Alaskan folk and traditional music scene by storm. Born into the rich musical community of Anchorage, Moore’s own musical style wears its myriad influences proudly, from Ella Fitzgerald and Beethoven to Stevie Wonder and Merle Haggard. After experiencing an unfortunate illness that prevented her from singing for several months, Moore initiated a personal project, The Forest That Never Sleeps, to celebrate her triumphant return to music and refreshed jolt of creativity.

As a performer, Moore adheres to a less-is-more philosophy—whether she’s plucking a few gentle chords on the cello, or letting piano chords ring out, her mellifluous vocals and dreamy chamber-pop compositions are simply transportive. Already lauded for her “unflinching personal narratives” by Anchorage Daily News, Kat Moore is an inventive musical force, and a unique presence in the Alaskan music scene.




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