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Wicked Tinkers

Wicked Tinkers

August 17, 2019 at 8pm


With explosive rock ‘n’ roll energy and a hauntingly familiar mix of bagpipes, tribal drums, didgeridoos, and Bronze-Age Irish horns, Celtic rockers the Wicked Tinkers are bound to transport you with their eclectic musical fusion. Since 1995, the Wicked Tinkers have been bringing audiences an unlikely soundscape of ancient rhythms and forgotten sounds—tones you might have heard hundreds of years ago at a Scottish wedding or Highland riding party—but have reimagined the music for the 21st century. Using instruments from an earlier time, their music is timeless and their rhythms are irresistible, getting concertgoers of all ages and backgrounds to their feet with their raw, primal and exciting live music.




Opening Act

Ciana at 7pm



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